FractylDev is an application development company for iOS and Android, based in Parker, Colorado. Our mission is to create unique, advanced applications that add functionality and entertainment to smartphone user’s day to day lives. Our apps are designed with powerful functionality, elegant design, and simplicity for the user’s benefit.

FractylDev was created by six friends who loved programming, developing, and designing software, applications, and websites. We all came together to create The Morse Project, for a tech competition at our school. We eventually received 9th place for the app at the nationals level.

As we designed the prototype stages of The Morse Project, we began coming up with other app ideas, and eventually, we decided an app development company would further our skills and bring our products to the world better than any of us could alone. We began designing FractylDev. Each of us have different skills that worked together, and we believed we could make FractylDev a stand out company.

This company was founded on the principle of bringing people and things together to create something unique, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. FractylDev focuses on creating amazing products with amazing functionality and beautiful design, that stands out in this world of technology. We develop for both iOS and Android, as well as web development.

FractylDev is relatively new, but we are already hard at work creating many amazing products. We prioritize the experience of the users and the functionality over everything, and we make sure our apps are ready for the market when we release them.